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TCI and Delacata at CIA


The Catfish Institute, with support from The Ramey Agency, continued its culinary outreach as a sponsor of the 13th annual Worlds of Flavor International Conference and Festival at The Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena, California. TCI promoted Delacata – a new, premium product with roots in the U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish industry – at this influential three-day forum on world cuisines, which was attended by approximately 800 chefs, foodservice professionals and other culinary influencers. One of the foodservice industry’s premier events, the Worlds of Flavor Conference showcases the gold standards of world cuisines that are reshaping American menus. To accompany this year’s theme of Japan: Flavors of Culture, TCI chefs showcased Delacata Stir Fry with Plum Sauce, Ponzu Delacata and Delacata on Rice Patty with Donburi Sauce.

Huddled in the Delacata booth within The Culinary Institute of America’s historic barrel room are TCI President Roger Barlow, Chef Bob Hendrickson, Chef Ray Stopczynski and Ramey President Jack Garner.

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