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Anyone who has every visited Mississippi knows that it’s a special place. With unrivaled cultural heritage and unique outdoor opportunities, the state is organically poised to thrive in the tourism industry.

However, Mississippi is getting lost in the crowd. Our state has 49 competitors for tourism dollars, and we are getting outspent by a wide margin. Currently, the average state tourism budget is $8.3 million, $5 million more than the Mississippi tourism budget.


Insight + Strategy

Mississippi offers experiences that are not pre-packaged, re-created, pre-produced, re-staged approximations of something that used to be real. We are the home of real people and real experience. No matter what you love, it’s bone-deep real in Mississippi. Travelers are seeking unique and meaningful experiences, and we saw an opportunity to leverage Mississippi’s unique assets as reasons to visit.

the campaign

We created a marketing campaign leveraging Mississippi’s rich creative heritage and cultural gifts packaged in the year of “The Mississippi Homecoming”. By behaviorally targeting consumers searching for unique music, art and food experiences, we were able to align their interests with some of the state’s most authentic offerings and invite them to check out the schedule of events. Media included print, TV, online, radio, and mobile that drove eager consumers to a micro-site featuring yearlong Mississippi Homecoming events.


The State of Mississippi conducted a marketing ROI study on the Mississippi Homecoming campaign, which is customary after every major campaign, and it was determined that the return on investment to media spending almost doubled from the previous tourism promotional effort. The ROI increased from $6.46/ promotional dollar spent to $12.93/ promotional dollar spent.

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