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Geothermal technology is still relatively new and not well understood by residential homeowners. In addition, the initial cost to install geothermal is considerable, and depending on fuel prices, pay back on that investment can be 5-8 years. The challenge was how to educate affluent consumers about the advantages of geothermal in a way that would motivate action.


Insight + Strategy

Ramey used ethnography to gain key consumer insights. Our marketing strategy was informed by the fact that the online research phase was a vital step in their purchase process in order to gain adequate understanding of the technology.

the campaign

Ramey created a microsite to serve as a one-stop branded resource for those considering geothermal. It provided information about tax incentives, FAQs, a savings calculator and dispelled myths about how this energy alternative works. The site also contained a contact form for driving leads to ClimateMaster dealers.


The site was promoted in two target markets and quickly reached over 11,000 visits in just a few months. Over 1,000 people took advantage of the savings calculator and ClimateMaster received qualified leads from the contact form. In addition, the paid search campaign for the site saw CTRs that averaged about 110% above industry benchmarks, creating good traction for the geothermal conversation.

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