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One of the most innovative financial services companies in the region, BankPlus delivers on their customer-focused tagline, “It’s more than a name. It’s a promise.”

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BankPlus recently celebrated a ten-year milestone in their marketing partnership with Archie and Eli Manning. The Manning duo has appeared as BankPlus spokesmen dating back to the younger Manning’s first pro season. Initially, the father-and-son team appeared as a two-man celebrity team in product-specific spots. As the relationship between Mannings and BankPlus became more concrete, the opportunity/need arose to elevate the Mannings up from “spokesmen” to brand advocates.

Insight + Strategy

Over the years, Eli’s career, reputation and public persona have expanded, allowing BankPlus to rely on Eli’s natural guy-next-door-who-just-happens-to-wear-a-Super-Bowl-ring charm. In the same way, Archie’s image has evolved into a salt-of-the-earth statesman – allowing him to not only represent the perspective of a hardworking athlete, but also a respected businessman, father and community leader. It was time to take the Mannings in different directions.

the campaign

Ramey created two television campaigns. In “What if Eli Manning Never Played Football?,” Eli was transformed from a football star into a pizza delivery guy, entertainer at a kids’ arcade and dodgeball player. The lighthearted marketing strategy illustrates BankPlus’ customer-driven brand: even if Eli wasn’t a star, he’d still be treated like one at BankPlus. The Archie campaign takes a more thoughtful turn, with Archie offering words of wisdom that underscore the core beliefs and values of BankPlus. There is no salesmanship, just genuine reflection. In the end, the relationship feels much stronger than a typical celebrity endorsement.


By leveraging the individual strengths of the Manning team, the campaigns have increased the brand’s equity while driving penetration of featured products.

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