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Nielsen’s Real Numbers Behind Social Media Today

The Nielsen “Social Media Report 2012” makes it crystal clear that social media is no longer in its infancy. It has transformed into a powerful medium with global reach and impact, integrated deeply into our lives with users logging on to multiple channels daily for extended periods of time.

Social media is still rapidly evolving and impossible to ignore. It even affects how users interact with other media. For example, social media has begun to play a key role in the way consumers watch their favorite television shows. In 2012, 41% of tablet owners and 38% of smartphone owners used their device daily while in front of TV screens. But they weren’t just on social networks: they were shopping, chatting with peers and looking up relevant information to the program being watched. Twitter has become the channel of social television interaction, with a third of active Twitter users tweeting about TV-related content as of June 2012.

Social media is also taking the place of digital media. Need recommendations for where to eat, or perhaps which electric toothbrush to buy? Don’t worry about visiting a website. Just ask your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

It’s a good bet that current social media platforms will continue to grow, even while new ones will begin to take hold. Brands need to work to create a unified, multimedia experience with customers that can win hearts and minds — because, in the future, that relationship will be essential for driving purchases and changing behaviors.

 Anne-Lauren Fratesi is Social Media Account Executive at The Ramey Agency

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