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Kiplinger Names Mississippi #2 State for Retirees

Kiplinger, a publisher of business forecasts and information regarding personal finance issues, has named Mississippi as the number two state in the country for retirees to locate. Kiplinger cited Mississippi’s exemption of Social Security benefits from state income taxes, as well as the exclusion of all qualified retirement income, including pensions, annuities and IRA and 401(k) distributions, from state income taxes in its ranking of Mississippi and its designation of the state as a “retiree tax heaven.” Additionally, the publication took into account that Mississippi boasts some of the lowest property taxes in the U.S. and that prescription drugs and healthcare services are exempt from sales taxes.

The Hometown Mississippi Retirement program, the state’s official retiree attraction program administered by the Mississippi Development Authority, has certified 20 Certified Retirement Cities located all throughout the state. We congratulate Ramey client, MDA, on their efforts to make this happen.

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