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How SEO is Changing in 2013


In 2013, SEO will steadily become more and more about quality content rather than quantity. According to Forbes, sites that provide interesting, well written content will rise higher and higher in the Google search ranks, while sites that do not deliver as promised or expected will become much less visible. Google’s Author Rank algorithm (Google is planning full implementation of this feature in 2013) will make it easier for experts in all fields to make their content more accessible and visible to users.

Now more than ever, quality content and the inclusion of a few relevant keywords for websites will be rewarded within the Google search rankings. Taking the time to create and refine useful content is of the utmost importance. If an individual’s expert opinion/advice/content is present within a site, it will (later this year) begin to be well worth the time to implement Google Authorship. Using Google Authorship effectively will raise a website higher in Google’s search rankings, drive more users to a website, and also encourage the sharing of more content through social media.

Overloading a website with keywords is no longer necessary to get a site to rank well with Google. Create useful content, sprinkle in a few choice keywords, and implement Google Authorship if possible. Have the content people are searching for, then reap the rewards as more and more users are driven to your website.

about Hannah Lipking is Digital Designer/Developer at The Ramey Agency

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