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36 Hours in Jackson. 36 Minutes in Fondren.

James Patterson for The New York Times
James Patterson for The New York Times

Every Sunday, The New York Times publishes a popular column recommending the best way to spend 36 hours in cities around the world. You can imagine our delight when we opened the May 30th paper to find Jackson as the featured destination.

Ramey people have always loved our Fondren neighborhood, and it turns out The New York Times does too. You’ll see that a big chunk of the Times’ itinerary stays firmly planted in Fondren – getting a book at Lemuria, grabbing a shirt from Swell-O-Phonic and sitting down for a delicious meal at Walker’s, just to name a few.

Now that Fondren has national recognition as a special place, I wondered: what if, instead of 36 hours in Jackson, you only had 36 minutes in Fondren? I asked around the office, and got some great, fast ideas to make the most of Fondren in 36 minutes (give or take).

“Drunken Noodles from Miso downstairs and a Blinker across the street at The Apothecary.”

“Grab a fabulous panini sandwich from Basil’s, then sit on the deck at Sneaky Beans sipping a latte while watching the local characters.”

“For a quick shopping and eating fix, a stop in Interiors Market with lunch at the Market Bites Café (berry tea and chicken salad…yummy!)”

“Take in the latest show at Fischer Galleries downstairs… talk to Marcy, the owner, and soak in the local art. I’d take all of my 36 minutes just there.”

“Perch on the bar at The Apothecary and learn how to make a Ramos Gin Fizz.”

“Happy half-hour on the Babalu patio – a little reposado and $2 tacos!”

“For southern comfort food I would eat at Rooster’s then stroll over to the famous Brent’s for an after-lunch milkshake.”

“Grab an iced coffee at Sneaky Beans. Peruse vintage records at Morning Bell. Walk through the aisles at Interiors Market. Let the caffeine speed things along.”

“Go find a record at Morning Bell, check out some of the shops such as Nancy Price or Interiors Market, and have a drink at Nick’s.”

“Me – Walker’s Filet. My wife – Interiors Market. My kids – Sal & Mookie’s New York Pizza & Ice Cream Joint

“Wish upon the unique jewelry at Nancy Price. Sign up for a gardening seminar at The Everyday Gardener. Go treasure hunting at the Orange Peel.”

“Record a 36-minute song at Morning Bell Records.”



Tom Allin, Associate Copywriter at The Ramey Agency

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